Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Found in Ceiling from Leaky Roof

When slow leaks occur, they are often difficult to detect, especially if they are located in the roof.  It's not often we are up in our attics. By the time this leak was noticed, mold had formed in the insulation and spread into the ceiling below.  The mold was inspected and assessed, and the certified professionals at SERVPRO of North Austin/SW Williamson County were called in to remediate.

Mold on Wood Paneling

Mold can grow anywhere - especially in Texas. A leaky window pane was found to be the culprit causing the mold damage to the wood paneling. A mold inspector assessed the damage and the certified professionals at SERVPRO of North Austin and SW Williamson County were brought in to perform the mold remediation.

Water Leak Causes Mold in Ceiling

Water leaks from roofs, leaky toilets from above, or any other water source can cause mold damage quicker than you think.  If not contained, mold can spread to other areas of the home.

Skylight Leak Causes Mold Damage

A slow leak is often the culprit for mold damage.  A skylight leak caused mold damage to a ceiling in an Austin home in a bedroom. SERVPRO of North Austin and SW Williamson CO was called to remediate.

Dark mold on wood boards

Mold can grow quickly in dark, moist places like attics.  When roof leaks go unnoticed, mold can form and spread throughout the attic, it's walls, and even the ceiling below. 

Mold In a Bedroom

Mold knows no borders.  This mold was spreading across the hardwood walls of a bedroom. Once a protocol was put in place, SERVPRO of North Austin and SW Williamson CO was called to remove the mold.